Philippa Fabbri

Senco/Director : ELSEN Academy


Arthur Preston

Headmaster : Lanner House School, Worcester, Western Cape

Chairman: EdTech 2011 Conference, Cape Town

Friday Evening Talk - Cybersmart Parenting:  

- Understanding what social media is and the role that this plays in children’s lives.

- Should parents allow their children to have Facebook accounts?  Do you know that if children are under 13 this is illegal?

- What is the role of the school and what is the role of parents?  Is it appropriate or not appropriate?

- What do you do if you find that your child is not behaving appropriately online?

- Practical things that you can do at home to set boundaries.

- Examining the whole issue of the reality of young people being so connected;  parents feel left out of the loop. 

- Should the parents know what is going on or can they leave their children?

- What is cyberbullying and how could this affect your child?

- Compare what communication is like for children today compared to ten years ago. 

Saturday Talks:  Meet the Technophobes

This is aimed at teachers who are facing the reality of bringing technology into their classrooms.

Comments like: -

- I haven’t got any time

- Things are working fine the way that they are

- I have always done it this way

 How do we address these excuses and real fears?

We need to prepare our children for the world they are going into. 


21st Century Classrooms

What should they look like?

We will take a look at where we have come from?  If we take a look at a classroom 100 years ago it would look not much different from classrooms today.   Everything else has changed radically in the world.   Is it budget dependent?

 What is it that we need to look at to change our classrooms into 21st century classrooms?

 What skills do we need to teach our children?   What skills do teachers need to move into the new world?


Professor Prakash Singh

Professor of Education


Need for a Multimedia Instructional Approach to Develop Better Schools

The focus of this presentation is on the need for a multimedia approach to transform the landscape of education in our schools. With the technological changes taking place in society, the educational system cannot afford to develop citizens who are passive consumers of knowledge, lacking in initiative to discover new knowledge and new answers.

The exploitation of media in the learning process can alter the outlook of the school’s role in educating the individual learner if an integrated approach is adopted.

Theories of self-regulated learning (SRL) will therefore be analysed in this presentation to foster a multimedia approach in our schools as an alternative to herding pupils in the same classroom and educating them with the same curriculum.

With the media revolution taking place, pupils can no longer be herded along fixed academic routes. This will be critically discussed.

Kathy Balshaw

Guidance Counsellor

Reaching Those We Teach

We are teaching a generation of young people who are growing up in a world that is remarkably different from the one we grew up in.  Many who work with this generation, known as Generation Y, find that it can be ‘frustrating’ and ‘confusing’.

Questions often asked by teachers and parents:

- How can we engage young people more effectively?
- How do we find the better connection when the generation gap appears to be getting wider?
- How can we build better rapport with this group when they are immersed in technology 24/7?

In this 45 minute presentation , guidance counsellor, Kathy Balshaw, who has worked  in the field of education for 24 years (and  having two Generation Y children of her own), will offer some clues to understanding this generation a bit better, and will also discuss strategies for building meaningful relationships, and reaching those we teach.




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